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Spike Milligan Spike Milligan

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


good use of flash, i liked the beginning button

i have likewise just completed a graphics design course so i thinks this deserves to be treated as a work in progress i give it a not bad i like it even though there are a few things u need to work on.

you need an end, the door button implies more of a next part, yet all i got was a black screen
you need credits to show who helped where the sounds came from etc and an end screen to show that thats the lot.
apart from that it was mildly interesting, and showed some talent with rotoscoping

if this was done with a mouse only id have to give it higher marks, but there isnt a lot going on or for that matter of interest.

Emo Buddy 1.0 Emo Buddy 1.0

Rated 0 / 5 stars

i don't know why this is still here!!!!!

it's not that i have any specific feelings for or against EMO's(see <I>they</I> are a plural, if he is one then i would tell people he is <I>an</I> emo) english is probably not ur first language is it)
the graphics were sad, the drawings were childish(sorry if all you have is a mouse and not a digital pen and pad) there was a some humour there but it was thoroughly washed under <B>a mountain of wasting my f-ing time</B>
the only reason why i even looked at this was to see if you actually have any talent at all. to say the least i was disapointed.
this submission belongs either in a brand new collection called <B>crap</B> or not on NG at all.
maybe the music was ok but i dnt really like (EMO) that style of music.