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Dog Of Man Dog Of Man

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i couldn't vote

I gave it a rating becuase of the quality of the animation, yet iI could not vote s i do not feel it was worth anything to anyone.

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: Conspire To Rewire : : Conspire To Rewire :

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


an interesting and enjoyable continuation of the series, i shall waste a few moments explaining how this is an enjoyable and fitting continuation of the series and of the style of your work.

story about a sexbot being purchased by an under achiever with comment on how it is a waste of talent and industry of a talented and industrious people (japanese not chinese Darkenian)

does it have to rant to be a rant? i ask you other reviewers.

and to what level of subtlty does a joke have to delve before it is to subtle for the pleeb masses to comprehend?

is the sexualised nature of germaine and the impact that this sexualisation have to subtle a play upon the majority to be funny to those who comprehend?

i bow to the lord and master

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The Real Facade The Real Facade

Rated 0 / 5 stars

this is sad

is this an animation?

your just a cut and paster, you take pictures and videos and sounds from the web add ur own brand of crazy mysoginistic psychotic ramblings throw them all in flash mix and serve at 10 times the file size they should be at.

end results are predictably similar.

u clearly have personal anamosity towards women, and my only possible conclusion about that is that u are an inadequate individual incapable of making interpersonal relationships outside of the internet with normal(or what passes for normal) people.

ng was a website dedicated to free distribution of works of art either too risque for public submission to other websites or of a type unlikely to garner attention from the public on another site, now it is more dedicated to providing a popular site with many members to gain attention of as wider viewership as possible for artists game designers and animators, a place for people of differing disciplines such as illustration sound artists and animators to meet and join forces.

i am disturbed that ur works remain on ng, the clearly belong on youtube a site dedicated to free expression under freedom of speech and expression laws.
ng is supposed to be a site where people can vote to remove objectionable material, since although ng provides a place for artistic works to be displayed even when they not only push boundaries but completely surpass them(pigpens v-tech rampage for example), which is again only dependant upon ng viewers opinions, if ng viewers find it too objectionable ng viewers will vote it out of existence.

it is becuase of this that i am perplexed, even though ur "works" are; objectionable, poorly constructed, oversize for their contents, boring and just plain stupid, a sufficient number of ng users seem to feel that u have a right to have them continue to exist on ng(ur not just going to each of them with an alt account or two ever day and voting them 5 to offset everyone else now are you?)

im sorry ng but there needs to be intervention from moderators and site managers, to prevent the proliferation of content that is not intended to push limits of expression, or give voice to opinions that often go unheard (we are talking about opinions here which are antiquated and proven wrong nearly 100 years ago)

i do not beleive that video games insite violence, i do however think that certain content attemts to justifies or explain away behaviour that is beyond the pale of human decency

i know ul respond to my post with ur usual blather doubtfish, so il post it on each of ur three newest uploads so u can repeat ur coarse and disturbed monolgue as you wish

if this is deemed to be abusive by site moderators, i would suggest that they read the other reviews and watch "doubtfish collection" that may one day exist on ng in the collections page

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WolfBane: Episode 1 WolfBane: Episode 1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

thanks for the reviews

this submission is a pilot, we are trying to improve on it so all of ur advice is welcome.

this is one movie weve had in the pipeline for a few months now and we just had to see if it was worth it to continue, its nice to see so much positive recognition it really makes an animator feel worth it to get out of bed in the morning

look out for updates and more animations from us this year :)

The Castrated World The Castrated World

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

where to begin

slideshow, i understand why u'd use this method, but i can't help but fault you on the intent of it.

interesting music makes me wish i had a better french teacher, id like to know what the title of the song was and what the lyrics actually are, however id doubt that it matters to the content of ur "flash", as such i think u could have used anything, linkin park would seem a good choice as they also seem to have a lot of teen angst 'girfriends broke my heart' etc. lyrics.

the text, mostly clear and stayed up long enough for me to read it( i am a speed reader though) so i can only fault you on that for its content.

ok see constructive criticism.

as for the intent of the flash........
i dont intirely disagree as you covered a few bases here, but ill rebut you on nearly every point;
one becuase i find it intellectually stimulating(thanks for portraying such an easy bunch of stuff for me to rebut),
two becuase i have seen some of ur other flashs i worry bout ur particular take on life, i think u need a calm and reasoned talking too about the facts of life that although many people live in blissful ignorance of still manage to grasp,
and three the things you display in these flashs the things you believe and want other people to believe are patently false.

1. you do know that at least half of the girls pictured in these college websites and myspace type websites are not real students at all just the internets newbrand of sexworkers, maybe they protray themselves as college students but lets be honest, and how many colleges are there in america?, what degrees do you honestly think they are taking? are they getting jobs in these areas? do they pass or fail and doesnt their attendance of lack of still contribute revenue to the schools for better equipment and higher teacher salaries?

2. admitting that some of them are students who somehow manage to pass their chosen degree and get a job whats the harm?(if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?)(what makes you think they will continue to degrade themselves in the way you say they do)

3. sigh sorry bout ur uncle he hates his job i gather, im not going to talk about fate (even though i can make the argument for it) cos thats not fair i don't know ur uncle or anything about him or the job or education system at the time that lead to his (mechanics a bad job over there?) "predicament".

4. ur confused, definition of a whore is someone who sells herself sexually in rather degrading ways (mostly), how is this prudish?
lets say instead that some girls protray themselves sometimes in slutty ways, and at other times can be indifferent to the opposite sex. while some girls are uptight about sex, waiting for "the one" or just being indifferent, to be fair there are an infinite number of ways for a girl to be, just as there are infinite ways for a guy to be, is it fair for a girl to be called a slut for wanting sex, or called frigid for not?

5. sigh, fact of life or meaning of life? we live to procreate as all living creatures do, we for our sampling of the forbidden fruit of knowledge(please excuse my translation of the adam and eve story, im really not this religious) must take a more complex route to our lives than if we lived as animals. when u boil life down to its simplest points should we list our jobs?

6. i think that the drive to wards betterment of the species as a whole is worthy of our individual contribution, however not at the exspense of freedom.(what?? you may ask) u think that a girl takes up a position that could be better filled by a man, if the man fills the role better then this is better for all humankind, safer nuclear power, better advancement of technology etc. i concur, if the man fills the role better, the laws have three readings;
the legal definition what the legal words mean when said together,
the lawmakers intent, what the law was written to promote or avoid,
and finally
the peoples intent, often a law is written because the people demand it. what did they want?


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Sino-American War DEMO Sino-American War DEMO

Rated 0 / 5 stars

that has to be the funniest pile of crap ever

ok music nice(i could hear it for a change)
idea of american union (interesting)
format bad

political rambling very very very bad

you are a product of mtv
china big bad and scarey boo hoo
america land of the free must defeat nasty commy chinks waa waa

sing the national anthem in the shower while you oil ur good honest god fearing weapon of self destruction??

american dollar equals approximately 12 chinese dollars(america places pressure on china to maintain that when every other country allows the free fluctuation of foreign currency in relation to its dollar, how do i know this? becuase nz dollar is now worth 75 us cents, last year it was closer to 50 us cents last year chinese dollar worth 15 nz cents now worth closer to 30 nz cents) this is so that america can continue to import cheap product to use, however if within the free market set up by the WTO chinese product slips below a protected american products costing then(tariffs funny how all other countries in the WTO are not allowed them) america gets shitty and takes china to the WTO over intentional trade violations. hmmmm????

china since the mid seventies has been increasingly westernised, macdonalds KFC Pizza hut and many other major brands have large market presence in china
western music has not only been embraced(not just pirated) but emulated, not to mention the large market shares taken up by western music industry rebranding rerecording older songs in mandarin for resale into the chinese market.
chinese youths are at enormous cost sent to western countries where they prop up the economy with hyper inflated education costs ( in nz chinese students are made to pay in us currency in advance at ten times what citizens are charged for the same courses(dont forget us dollar 12 times stronger at fixed price to chinese currency) they soak up the culture and the lifestyle go home and convert their friends and family (if these high achievers do not stay in the western country thus filling highly skilled positions there thus keeping our education and workforce competitive.

boo hoo waa waa american jobs whinge whinge slant eyed foriegners boo hoo mindy and joey got no job cry cry

cant have it both ways can you, our culture cuases our kids to fail, big business the product of the american way dont see colour race or creed you moron it sees dollars and fractions of a cent as markey shares, why should mindy get a job doing the accounts if hwei yang got better grades. and since i know your a sexist pig as well as a racist fear mongerer, why should little billy joe be the manager at wall-mart when he was partying all semester when hou tong was hitting the books and getting straight A's.

you know im right
UN WTO World Bank European Union, its inevitable right World government, GLobalisation. thats what fear mongerers like you are scared of really, that your underachieving spoiled inbred white children wont have job security backed up by american military might.

sing the national anthem oil ur guns complain to ur congressmen(or is it a woman)
find a not too distant relative in the next trailer and get breeding

ill take comfort in the fact that many americans are more intelligent than you, that they see the opertunity of closer economic ties with a stronger china, politics aint ur strong point leave it to the professionals they know better, stop complaining stop crying and living in fear and maybe you can join the rest of us in the future of a global world that doesnt see race colour creed or sex (for that matter)as a hinderance to closer economic, immigration or any other kind of cooperation.

grow up

doubtfish responds:

Because of JackOffAll here, I will be releasing a new flash presentation today. I will try a few new styles with flash software to help provide a more integrated experience for the viewer. I will use briefer video clips with better quality, etc. I'd also like to thank her for giving me the motivation and energy to put forth this effort.

Nibble of Frost Wood Nibble of Frost Wood

Rated 0 / 5 stars

violation of intellectual copyright

i agree with the last reviewer

i only watched this becuase i thought it may be another in the brackenwood series

i would have blown the whistle but i think you have made it different enough to just be a very very bad attempt at a rip off
not actually stolen but still a ripoff

i hope that the author of bitey of brackenwood is made aware of this and asks that this piece of garbage is removed as it is a blatant attempt to get users to view it based on its closeness to the bitey of braken wood fame

you suck

animatorsdelight responds:

I cannot think of any possible way this would stolen

sure it bears a similar name and genre but it is hardly STOLEN

pretty much you are critisizing me of having a so much of a taste for fantasy genres to make a flash about it

I respect Adam Phillips and his flash as it is truely a masterpeice of art and flash

I DO hope that he sees this but sees but not as a peice of garbage but as a tribute to his work

I put these flash movies on here beacuse I hope that some day some one will come along and say
"wow that was acctually an alright animation" and that they may leave a nice reveiw or rate it high or maybe even look up to me! I look forward to that enough to deal with people like you

Doubt's Hate Mail ATS Doubt's Hate Mail ATS

Rated 0 / 5 stars

ur swf are not animations they suck

the content of the flash should be just plain txt, u dont need the movie or the audio or the pictures of naked or semi nude females that u always seem to add to ur shockwaves

is it becuase they would be boring or just plain stupid without something else in them? or is it like a compulsion

users of ng
do not waste ur time watching this
do not waste ur time reviewing it he likes the attention that he gets wether it be hate mail or honest critique, which he then responds to in the most offensive way possible so as to encourage further hatemail
blam it off newgrounds

doubtfish responds:

That's cute ;D
Girls are kawaii when they're angsty and angry. That's what I love about short little Asian schoolgirls ;D
And then you punch her fragile little nose for sassing you ;D

the Leap the Leap

Rated 5 / 5 stars


beautiful, extraordinary(in the truest sense unfortunately as iv seen similar styles) but still........

impressive nonetheless i hope when i grow up to be as good as this at least

good work

Miniture Einsteins Miniture Einsteins

Rated 0 / 5 stars

this is why women have to fight for their rights

first some constructive critique, imprting video into flash is tricky get the kbps right and try to keep the audio intelligible.

now a general critique of the content for people who may accidentally think this is worth watching, read unless u want to see some sexism of the none sexy type.

this should be blammed off newgrounds as soon as possible as it is an example of one person sexual bias, this isnt even an example of flash animation, as it was simple a short clip taken of extremely poorly shot (and poorly edited) video with extremely bad audio, streamed from flash.
it pretends to be an example of how women do not deserve an equal footing beside men in society, by showing footage recorded at vermont college of a college-tv reporter asking young women loaded questions about womens suffrage, and how it is(quote) "increasing exponentially" (end quote), when thinking on it at home one realises that womens suffrage is not an "it" as in the suffering of women as unfortunately many of the women in the footage perhaps assumed, with the microphone thrust in front of their faces and the camera leering at them, but the "movement for increased womens rights" which is the correct explanation of the recently revamped antiquated term "suffrage".

the author of this peice of garbage then continues by pasting his responses to a detractor alongside some edited quotes from the detractors posting on said authors website(operated by the author which i promise myself never to visit or even look into the existence of such a heavily sexist presons website) which clearly indicate not only that the content of said website is offensive in the extreme, but also that the authors mind is so heavily filled with images of violent japanese pornography as to defy the existence of any other content.

and as a final nail in the coffin he includes some pictures of girls scantily clad from a girls college party site

there now i hope that anyone from the newgrounds staff who reads the preceding will accept my apolagies for posting such a lengthy review which i admit probably violates a few of the rules about posting reviews, but considers the contents of the review as an accurate review of the content of the peice which i have unfortunately wasted time watching, and takes my considered advice and blams it.

thank you for reading

doubtfish responds:

Wow, you seem to have a very pro-feminist bias and an extremely anti-male one. You give them every benefit of the doubt, don't you? You need to learn when to shut the fuck up and let the big people talk because you're either a girl or the most effiminate man I've ever heard. Gay? Probably, but not in a good sense. No, the closet faggot who sits by the DDRs of the world and screams at any male who dares to tread on sacred female territory that he's "fucking gay" and that "god hates fags." Burn in hell, dickwad. Anything a bitch can do I can do, and no shithead is going to try and impose her little shitty will on me. If they do, they get a taste of the back of my hand.