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Dog Of Man Dog Of Man

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i couldn't vote

I gave it a rating becuase of the quality of the animation, yet iI could not vote s i do not feel it was worth anything to anyone.

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: Conspire To Rewire : : Conspire To Rewire :

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


an interesting and enjoyable continuation of the series, i shall waste a few moments explaining how this is an enjoyable and fitting continuation of the series and of the style of your work.

story about a sexbot being purchased by an under achiever with comment on how it is a waste of talent and industry of a talented and industrious people (japanese not chinese Darkenian)

does it have to rant to be a rant? i ask you other reviewers.

and to what level of subtlty does a joke have to delve before it is to subtle for the pleeb masses to comprehend?

is the sexualised nature of germaine and the impact that this sexualisation have to subtle a play upon the majority to be funny to those who comprehend?

i bow to the lord and master

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The Real Facade The Real Facade

Rated 0 / 5 stars

this is sad

is this an animation?

your just a cut and paster, you take pictures and videos and sounds from the web add ur own brand of crazy mysoginistic psychotic ramblings throw them all in flash mix and serve at 10 times the file size they should be at.

end results are predictably similar.

u clearly have personal anamosity towards women, and my only possible conclusion about that is that u are an inadequate individual incapable of making interpersonal relationships outside of the internet with normal(or what passes for normal) people.

ng was a website dedicated to free distribution of works of art either too risque for public submission to other websites or of a type unlikely to garner attention from the public on another site, now it is more dedicated to providing a popular site with many members to gain attention of as wider viewership as possible for artists game designers and animators, a place for people of differing disciplines such as illustration sound artists and animators to meet and join forces.

i am disturbed that ur works remain on ng, the clearly belong on youtube a site dedicated to free expression under freedom of speech and expression laws.
ng is supposed to be a site where people can vote to remove objectionable material, since although ng provides a place for artistic works to be displayed even when they not only push boundaries but completely surpass them(pigpens v-tech rampage for example), which is again only dependant upon ng viewers opinions, if ng viewers find it too objectionable ng viewers will vote it out of existence.

it is becuase of this that i am perplexed, even though ur "works" are; objectionable, poorly constructed, oversize for their contents, boring and just plain stupid, a sufficient number of ng users seem to feel that u have a right to have them continue to exist on ng(ur not just going to each of them with an alt account or two ever day and voting them 5 to offset everyone else now are you?)

im sorry ng but there needs to be intervention from moderators and site managers, to prevent the proliferation of content that is not intended to push limits of expression, or give voice to opinions that often go unheard (we are talking about opinions here which are antiquated and proven wrong nearly 100 years ago)

i do not beleive that video games insite violence, i do however think that certain content attemts to justifies or explain away behaviour that is beyond the pale of human decency

i know ul respond to my post with ur usual blather doubtfish, so il post it on each of ur three newest uploads so u can repeat ur coarse and disturbed monolgue as you wish

if this is deemed to be abusive by site moderators, i would suggest that they read the other reviews and watch "doubtfish collection" that may one day exist on ng in the collections page

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Spike Milligan Spike Milligan

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


good use of flash, i liked the beginning button

i have likewise just completed a graphics design course so i thinks this deserves to be treated as a work in progress i give it a not bad i like it even though there are a few things u need to work on.

you need an end, the door button implies more of a next part, yet all i got was a black screen
you need credits to show who helped where the sounds came from etc and an end screen to show that thats the lot.
apart from that it was mildly interesting, and showed some talent with rotoscoping

if this was done with a mouse only id have to give it higher marks, but there isnt a lot going on or for that matter of interest.

Emo Buddy 1.0 Emo Buddy 1.0

Rated 0 / 5 stars

i don't know why this is still here!!!!!

it's not that i have any specific feelings for or against EMO's(see <I>they</I> are a plural, if he is one then i would tell people he is <I>an</I> emo) english is probably not ur first language is it)
the graphics were sad, the drawings were childish(sorry if all you have is a mouse and not a digital pen and pad) there was a some humour there but it was thoroughly washed under <B>a mountain of wasting my f-ing time</B>
the only reason why i even looked at this was to see if you actually have any talent at all. to say the least i was disapointed.
this submission belongs either in a brand new collection called <B>crap</B> or not on NG at all.
maybe the music was ok but i dnt really like (EMO) that style of music.